Drone flies to film Spitfire and Blades display team at Shoreham Airport

In a perfect example of old and new – footage has been released of our Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (drone) flying alongside one of the last remaining Spitfires as it taxis at Shoreham Airport.

The Shoreham airshow press day attracted media from all over the UK, to find out what’s in store for the event which takes place on 30th and 31st August 2014.

During the press day, our team worked alongside Air Traffic control to work out the best time to fly within the airfield. The aim was to gather footage of the aircraft on the ground preparing their displays for the Eastbourne Airbourne show. (See film below).

With the authorisation from ATC, our crew conducted two flights and caught some amazing footage of the Blades Aerobatic Display Team and the World War Two Spitfire display aircraft as it left its parking slot.

The footage was then broadcast on BBC South Today to promote the airshow.

Sussex Air Imaging will be exhibiting at the Shoreham Airshow and also flying during the break in displays to gather images of the crowds at the show.