Absolutely YES! Anyone operating an aircraft of any kind in the UK with a camera attached and is flying for commercial purposes (even if it’s a favour in return for a drink for example), the company needs to hold a Permission for Aerial Work license from the Civil Aviation Authority. If they do not have a license, then they will not be insured. Please ask anyone you hire for aerial work to produce their license.
Due to our licensing, there are some restrictions as to where we can fly. Each job is assessed by our Pilot in Command, and a site survey may take place before the job commences. Generally, we do not have any issues when we fly, but we cannot fly close to any airfield/airport (unless we have permissions from Air Traffic Control). We cannot fly over or within 50 metres of people or property which is not involved with the activity.
No. We generally have to pick our flying times quite carefully. If we are shooting film, then we generally need low winds for the footage to be as stable as possible. We would not fly in winds stronger than 15mph. Obviously, due to the amount of exposed electronics on our aircraft, we cannot fly in the rain. We also do not fly before sunrise or after sunset, however, we do have permissions to fly at night. So, we can do this by request.
Unfortunately, we cannot publish a straight forward rate card, as every job is totally different. Depending on the location, type of media required, how many operators we need, hours, our services can be charged from as little as £150.00. Please contact our team to get a no obligation quote for your work.
In most circumstances, yes. Obviously, depending on the job times, we can most of time show the client the results of the shoot soon after we land. Unless the results are required more urgently, we generally deliver the images or film to the client within 24 hours.
Unfortunately, we are getting reports all the time from home owners of estate agents using drones to get aerial images for use in property promotions. However, they need to be licensed, exactly like we have to be. The problem with being unlicensed is that if the aircraft crashes into property or persons, they will hold no insurance. We urge any property owner to ask their estate agents if they hold a CAA license before they fly over their house.
Our team are professional film makers and have worked in the industry for many years. We know what makes a good shot, our technical team make it happen and our aircraft is one of the most stable in the market.